Monday, October 29, 2012

World Order - Genki Sudo

It bit me! The Genki bug I mean.. Here is another video featuring Genki Sudo's group WORLD ORDER. Totally amazed at how they did this routine, it blew my mind when one of them went spinning! Amazing! what do you call that? Spinning planking??

I will continue to feature a few more videos and honestly, the more you watch these, you'll start incorporating their moves in your daily lives. Me? I've been space walking involuntarily in the office for quite a few times already, I've been getting awkward looks and a couple of my officemates are starting to join the space walk thing! ahahaha! It wont surprise me if one day, a lot of people started walking like this everyday!

This is where the spinning planking is.. Enjoy!

If you will observe, their dance routines tell a story,, Here's a funny video titled BOY MEETS GIRL. As you can see on 1:01 its the testosterone levels that's going wild! (not to mention that this is my favorite move) and as the video progresses, they get out of control of course due to alcohol and at the end, one of them was able to get a text message. I'm guessing that guy was able to get one of the girls number or maybe they want another get together soon!

On this video, it features the thousand hands at the end which I think they have adapted from their religion. It's a religious song/video about self transformation from within in my opinion although I don't understand the lyrics, that is what I understood from the video. Very nice interpretation at the end when they all lined up and shows what Genki felt in praying at the temple, that might be what the song is referring to as "Mind Shift." Another thing I noticed, you should take the cab or something rather than do space walk so you could get to the temple in time! It's a long walk from the airport to the temple alright!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Genki Sudo!

AHAHA! It has been awhile indeed! 2 years since my last post! I no longer have any idea what to do with this blog of mine so I have decided that I will just put whatever I want here and you readers have no choice but to read it.. ahahaha!

A co-worker of mine introduced this to me, Genki Sudo was a former UFC/MMA fighter with amazing fighting skills and outrageous entrances! He was known to be the samurai who bows to his opponent after every fight. Now, he has retired and switched over to a new career... An electronic/pop singer and dancer! He's got mad robotic dancing skills together with professional dancers and called his group the WORLD ORDER.

Check out his videos in youtube... oh how I long to learn to do these dance steps!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Big Turn

It has been awhile since my last blog, a lot of things happened, to many to mention and definitely not all of them are worth to mention. Good news is, I'm still alive. The blog site is old and yet I still can't find a good topic to focus on.

A sprout of divinity has sprouted from within me.
Thinking about what to post really makes my head spin so I said to myself, why not post whatever I think and feel? a bit cheesy yup but it is still a post. Nakita ko kasi traffic statistics of the blog site and nakakahinayang den na bitawan na lang ng basta basta, at least I seem to have readers paren although most of them pinilit ko lang basahin tong blog na to.

Funny as it may seem but I think I forgot the idea that this blog site is an open channel for me to release whatever is in my thoughts or what I feel, I really need to remind myself of this.

A highlight of what has happened to me during the time I haven't been able to blog is I have engaged in spiritual matters. You know, the weird stuff pero hindi yung mga type na ghost hunt ekek shit, but mostly on being a faith healer or what you would call locally as an albularyo. I started studying like 5 or 6 months ago. This is more like a taboo for me because nowadays, Albularyo's are sadly, a laughing matter or more on kalokohan. The thought of people about albularyo's cannot be blamed on them but be blamed on the bulaang albularyo's o mga manloloko in lay man's term. For me, I do not care, because the purpose is clear to me, be helpful to others and be pleasing to the eyes of the Lord. I guess I am on my way to being a modern day manggagamot just like my maestro.

With that said, I just mentioned the highlight. Kidding aside, let us move on with our lives and see it on our point of view and talk about it while enjoying every experience and what it means to be living.


Monday, July 12, 2010

You Wanna Taste my KaRAtEh!??

Last week, we went out to Megamall to buy him an inflatable swimming pool where we came across an unexpectedly great food house.

To my curiosity, we tried the food house and surprisingly, the store hasn't spend a month yet in Megamall.

I tried the Beef Ramen which reminded me of what Naruto used to eat, this is the first time I'll eat Ramen!

For 89 Pesos?? This is the best!

Definitely worth it..

Just by the ramen, you can already satisfy your hunger, it's 100% real beef and I think the beef is Misono style if I am not mistaken. A bit of a warning for people with high blood though, the soup is oozing with cholesterol. After I finished drinking the soup, I felt a slight twitch right at my temple and got dizzy for .5seconds.

Wifey ordered the Kido Master Burger ...

The House Burger,, Juicy Japanese Burger Patty with onion, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard and a special sauce.

The burger is so-so, maybe because we ate it too late, the patty was already dry but I bet it's at it's best when it's hot. The burger has rich ingredients, which is good. This baby is P145 w/ cheese.

For Wacky we ordered Tsukini balls, a 3-piece grilled chicken ball. For some reason the name reminds me of chikinini. LoL!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PILIPINAS Got Talent! Jovit Baldonido following Arnel Pineda's footsteps

Sharing the pride of being a Filipino...

This kid definitely has what it takes to become a star, though his talent is kinda similar to Arnel Pineda, that woulnt be a let down for this case. You can just imagine what great things this kid is capable of, especially with that humble heart.

This is Moh, and I am proud to be Pinoy!