Monday, October 29, 2012

World Order - Genki Sudo

It bit me! The Genki bug I mean.. Here is another video featuring Genki Sudo's group WORLD ORDER. Totally amazed at how they did this routine, it blew my mind when one of them went spinning! Amazing! what do you call that? Spinning planking??

I will continue to feature a few more videos and honestly, the more you watch these, you'll start incorporating their moves in your daily lives. Me? I've been space walking involuntarily in the office for quite a few times already, I've been getting awkward looks and a couple of my officemates are starting to join the space walk thing! ahahaha! It wont surprise me if one day, a lot of people started walking like this everyday!

This is where the spinning planking is.. Enjoy!

If you will observe, their dance routines tell a story,, Here's a funny video titled BOY MEETS GIRL. As you can see on 1:01 its the testosterone levels that's going wild! (not to mention that this is my favorite move) and as the video progresses, they get out of control of course due to alcohol and at the end, one of them was able to get a text message. I'm guessing that guy was able to get one of the girls number or maybe they want another get together soon!

On this video, it features the thousand hands at the end which I think they have adapted from their religion. It's a religious song/video about self transformation from within in my opinion although I don't understand the lyrics, that is what I understood from the video. Very nice interpretation at the end when they all lined up and shows what Genki felt in praying at the temple, that might be what the song is referring to as "Mind Shift." Another thing I noticed, you should take the cab or something rather than do space walk so you could get to the temple in time! It's a long walk from the airport to the temple alright!

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