Monday, September 2, 2019

Mobile Legends Patch Updates 1.4.10 Patch Notes

Hey guys I play Mobile Legends and apparently I suck at playing it so I'll just share with you guys the patch notes for the week!

New skin for Guinevere 
Lotus skin 
September Starlight Skin
Available September 1st 2019

New skin for Granger  
Doomsday Terminator skin 
Coming this September 3 2019
599 Diamond
30% Diamonds off

Free Heroes 
Server time August 23 2019 - August 30 2019

Kimmy; Chou; Cyclops; Hilda; Aurora; Natalia; Gusion; Martis

6 Extra heroes for Starlight members
Rafaela, Helcurt, Irithel, Esthes, Lunox, Harith

Free Heroes August 30 2019 - September 6 2019

Rafaela, Franco, Bane, Alpha, Vexana, Helcurt, Lancelot, Guinevere

6 Extra heroes for Starlight members
Clint, Lesley, Johnson, Kimmy, Aldous, Badang

S13 Free skin is Hylos Jungle Watcher
I like the artwork here looks awesome!

This picture sucks, resolution is low sorry about this.. :(

Battle Spell Missile is now called Flaming Shot
This is on the Advanced Server and I am not sure when it will be available on the present server

Incandesence: The second phase of movement speed decreased 15%

Chrono dash: Basic damage boosted by this skill decreased by 50 at all Level

Frost moon shield increased shield to 270+skill level*80

Magic Thump: Increased the time of cast


New Mythic Guidelines Starting S14

In each season, the Mythic will be divided into 5 small divisions (Mythic I - Mythic V)
Players who have achieved Mythic division will not drop back to Legend for losing games.

New evaluation mechanism for Mythic Division:
The use of Mythic points to evaluate the rank.
Points will be added when winning a rank match, while they will be deducted when losing one.

- The more points your opponents have, the more points you will gain after each victory and the less points you will lose after each defeat.

- The fewer points your opponents have, the more points you will lose after each defeat

Placement Match: In a new season, when achieving Mythic Division, each player needs to finish 10 placement matches.

- Based on the performance of these 10 matches, players would get extra Mythic points.

Glorious  Mythic Division Rules: 
When getting 600 or more Mythic Points, players will achieve the Glorious Mythic Division

- There will be a real-time Leaderboard displaying the top 1,000 players according to the Mythic Points. Players who dont get into the Leaderboard will know how many points are needed to enter the Leaderboard at the end of the season.


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Phentastic! said...

No to esmeralda! XD Harith is getting weaker every patch. Hope to see more harith this coming battles.