Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Famous youtube vlogger Mimiyuuuh disses Rosé Black Pink Fans not happy

 Famous YouTube vlogger mimiyuuuh disses Rosé Black Pink Fans not so happy

Currently on #8 in youtube trending list with 562,717 views posted on March 27, 2021 the famous youtube vlogger mimiyuuuh created skits being Lisa for a day. A part of the video was showcasing the vlogger telling jokes about Rosé which the fans did not like:

Here is the original video that was posted but with the segment about Rosé deleted:

Apparently, it cause outrage to fans:

As of this writing, the vlogger has already apologized via a YouTube comment:

Is this a dose of the ongoing cancel culture? are the fans overreacting? did mimiyuuuh cross the line?
Let's be critical and human at the same time, lets all learn to forgive and forget.

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